Anyone have specs on a Carver M-4050i

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Re: Anyone have specs on a Carver M-4050i

Post by danw2002 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:00 pm

this was one of the last of the M series amps, and was the 'new' version of the classic M4060 amp. the M 4050i was a 4x 50 watt into 4ohms, and should put out a bit over 120 watts bridged, but keep in mind that this was into 8ohms, as the M amps DID NOT LIKE TO RUN 4OHMS MONO..
old schoolstereoman wrote:A friend at work says he has one of these amps that was given to him by his uncle. I remember the older carver amps were one of the best out there but I am not sure about the specs on this amp...anyone out there who knows the specs on this amp...please help!
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