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Rooze's 'New' System (Starting to take Shape)




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Post Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:16 pm

Rooze's 'New' System (Starting to take Shape)

Around 4 years ago I got out of this crazy hobby for good :rolleyes:

Back then I had a dual stack Oris 150 horn system with dynamic bass towers. A Lyngdorf TDI2200 with room-perfect handled the horns, with digital link to a Tact digital amp with bass and XO duties.
Audio Aero Capitole CD player on a custom SRA stand, with a whole host of other bells and whistles completed the rig. It was nice but ultimately drove me to despair, so I eventually dumped everything and took a 4 year hiatus.

Now I'm back!

Even through the horny period I still owned Apogees, and I've had Maggie's in the past too, so I like the dipole / Planar sound.

So when I heard a friends original Amazing's I decided it was time to start over. That was just a few short weeks ago, now my system consists of:
Cambridge Audio 851C CD/Dac
Pioneer Elite Universal Player
Supratek Chenin preamp
Ampzilla 2000 mono blocks
Carver original/platinum hybrid.

The system is coming along. I'm planning a XO rebuild pretty soon, or perhaps stepping into 'active', though I have a lot of trepidation over the technical aspects of programming an active XO from scratch.

So I'm looking around for a circuit diagram for my XO (I have the 60" Plat ribbon with the old style honeycomb bass drivers).
So far I haven't found a circuit but I'll bet there's one around here somewhere!

That's all I know 8-[



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Post Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:28 pm

Re: Rooze's 'New' System (Starting to take Shape)

Looks like you're putting together a nice system, those amps sure look impressive! Let the journey begin! =D> =D>
Oppo Sonica DAC / Pre
Sunfire 300x2
Klipsch Cherry RF-5's w/ RC-7 Horn & Crossover

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