My old system

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My old system

Post by imsnowman » Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:59 pm

I have an M-500, running a pair of Sansui SP 3200 and a pair of SP 3500 speakers with input from a Pyramid SEA 2500x preamp. The output of the Carver goes through an Adcom GFS-1 Speaker selector (setup using an "inverted ground") to go to the speakers. The input was originally from a Yamaha C50 preamp and it ran from the early 80's when I first bought the M500. It previously quit on me and I had it repaired but this time I decided to replace it when it quit this time (lights but no volume) so I bought the Pyramid.

The Pyramid worked for about 15 minutes then the sound quit. Even at full volume the m500 needles barely flicker. (I don't actually run the setup at full volume). So, did I just coincidently blow a second preamp or is it really a problem with the Carver and not the preamps? I don't have another amp to test the preamp.


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