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Carver AL-III Plus Loudspeaker pair



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Re: Carver AL-III Plus Loudspeaker pair

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It all depends on were you live and how fast you want to sell. I got my ALIII, oak and the non plus version, for $500 ish. It was a package deal with some other items. The non plus is more desirable do to the fact the cross overs are better.

There is one that I know of out on Audiogon. I think one set is going for about $400 right now in CA. It is a non plus and it is oak. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl? ... speaker--s

Were are they located and can you post some pics?
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Re: Carver AL-III Plus Loudspeaker pair

youngin777 wrote:Hello I am new to the forums and I was wondering if I could possibly sell something. I have a pair of the Carver AL-III Plus Loudspeakers: Present in the hyperlink below:

I would like to know what they would be worth if I tried selling the pair. Thank you

Here is my input: The non plus model should go for $650 at least and the plus model around $600 but maybe $550 and the ones on AudioGon were $650 and the seller just folded to sell fast and asked $400 and got fast bits doing so! I own both plus and non plus models in both Black and Oak and I just paid xxx.xx :lol: Oaks should sell higher the Black. NOW the point of the audiogon guy lower the price was no one in So Cal owns a truck and most buyers would need to add the cost to pick up after renting a truck - Most every place else should be fine. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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