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No sound



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Post Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:28 am

Re: No sound

engtaz wrote:A and/or B speaker selector got me a lot of times by accidently hitting it. If not selected you will get no sound.

A good point and thing to check for sure!
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Re: No sound

Ok found a bit of stuff on the net but need a little help. Was looking on other forms and one person said the output transistors may be the problem for no sound from the speakers. But he also said if there is no sound from the cd or tape in then that is the preamp. Any ideals on how to check the preamp what to do and while I am at it how to test if the output transistors are bad or not. Thanks. And while we are talking about radios and stuff any one know how to replace the foam around the outside out the speakers. I got 2 15 inch real good cerwin vegas but need the foam replaced. Any help. thanks

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