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Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:03 pm
by OconeeOrange
Update on my Bar system -
I know my crap is meager to what you guys run, but the assembling and playing entertains me to no end.

As all know, my main system is on the deck where I am now, and I am eager to upgrade but can't find an upgrade as the audio and video (visuals) are great, and combined blow anything you have away. :lol: I say that because the visual side is compelling in my system. :lol: :lol: :lol:

So I have been working on my RedNeck Bar system.
I have learned from yall, that it takes time and many adjustments to put up a class system on the cheap. You can't just put in an order, you have to work and live with it and make changes as you understand it.
After ten years of change, I am zeroing in to good tunes there now. It was never bad, even with the BOSE, but it is improving.

I spend a lot of time down there. The temp is always cool there. I have my treadmill and a pool table I need to practice on before CarverFest. I see a Foosball table there in the photo. I have not played since 1972 when I was the best in the world.

The retail of my rack is high which means nothing. Of course most is second hand from the bargain shop. The only new piece is my preamp -
I bought it from a guy like some of you, or a guy like Bob Carver -
AricAudio.jpg (71.79 KiB) Viewed 3329 times
I've taken the platform of the successful 3.7 design, and stretched it to the limits...

Customers have given rave reviews of the 3.7, and how it does SO much to the music at such a low cost (adding sparkle, air and warmth, as well as lush Tube Harmonics), I've decided to go the extra mile on all parts in the signal chain to offer a Top Of The line unit. The "UNLIMITED" is essentially built like a tank, and offers components that I don't feel you can get any better performance out of at any price!

~I've upgraded the signal caps to "Audio Cap Theta" Audiophile units.

~The power supply caps are ELNA units rated at double the voltage.

~The resistors in the power supply are MILLS non-inductive Metal-Oxide.

~Tube sockets feature gold-plated pins.

~There are two independant Fully-Regulated SMPS supplies within the unit.

They are rated 3 times what the working amperage of the preamp is for extra reliability and longer life. They're tightly regulated, produce very low amounts of heat, and are extremely reliable.

~ I.E.C. 3 Prong fused connector for AC Mains.

~Phono stage is incorperated into the unit.

~ALPS Blue 100k Stereo volume pots for both Master Volume and the Input trim.

~(6) sets of RCA jacks are Audiophile-Grade Dayton units Gold-plated over solid brass.

~All circuitry is still point-to-point and soldered with Silver-Solder.

~ALL Internal wiring is pure 100% Oxygen-Free Copper

~JJ Gold-pin 12au7's included.

~Includes (2) Sets of 3 Foot Dayton Gold-Plated RCA cables with a large dialectric core and excellent braided shielded connected to oversized barrels.

~Chromed Brass Isolation spikes to eliminate induced vibrations from the preamp

~Solid Alloy knobs with set screws

All of this adds up to extremely quiet, high-headroom Audiophile-Grade performance that's made in the USA and backed up with a 2 year warranty. The aesthetics are the same as the 3.7 (pictured), but in a wider chassis which is still only 12" X 7" X 5.5" tall with tubes.

The unit features an IEC 3-prong power cable input, and will work with ANY voltage from 110-240 VAC.

Features, Power switch, Master Volume, Copper/Ceramic Selector switch, Standby switch. (4) sets of RCA Inputs (with Input 1 being a dedicated Phono Input), (2) sets of Stereo Outputs, Input trim control (to match levels of various devices).

All internal wiring and components are oriented for the best amount of shielding and noise rejection. Star Grounding technique employed to keep ground points between signal and power isolated from each other.

I doubt you will be able to find a more reliable, solid, beautifully-crafted or better sounding preamplifier for over twice the price. I personally build every unit I sell, from cutting, drilling the chassis down to soldering and testing.

He sent me some tubes to roll also. It is breaking in and all I have to compare it to is a CT-6 which is unfair due to the time differences.
The phono stage here is very good.

I upgraded my TT to a Rega P5 with power supply. That was silly at the time, but now my system is catching up. I have no need of an instrument like that, and ran across it after months of searching for a deal on a P3. I put a Rega Exact cart in it, and it will break your heart. I can play an LP and then the same CD and ---you can be the judge.

I have a 400 Cd Sony CD player there. For years I had a Pioneer 300 there. It died and the two sound the same. The incredible way this works is a must have for all. Of course a computer is better, but for CD play, nothing touches this. I do want to do like Ed and add an external DAC to it. I have been looking for some time now. Soon I will snag top of the line for nearly free. I have a few DACs, but need toslink for this. In my opinion, the best bang for buck in audio is a modern DAC.

My most recent addition was Def Tec Mythos ST speakers.
Everything in the bar changed at that point. I already had good speakers.
No need me trying to talk to the choir here.
Maybe Gary will let me have a corner off to side at CarverFest to let you judge these.
I want all those vintage speakers many have as I am a vintage guy.
I bet 50 years ago when yall got those, you felt the same as I do about these. I just wish I could bring them on the deck.

I also have a CD Recorder there. It needs no computer. This was cutting edge when I got it. I had no computer. I would run tunes from my LP to my Mini Disk so I could add tracks, and then on to this. It is too much work now, but I will bring a few CDs I made in the 90's to see how they stand up these days for CF. To that end, the Mini Disc was the best idea that never caught on. Imagine all your CDs in a tiny protected plastic case . I just use this now for single CD play.

As an amp, I am using a 705x. There is surely no reason for me to ever change this. Still, I want to stick in a 600-2 and someday I will.

Altogether, my RedNeck Bar system sounds better than you might believe.
Not many can line up on an 8 ball with a system this good supporting them --
tinpan wrote: I like your audio stand, what kind is it?
AnalogStand.jpg (198.01 KiB) Viewed 3329 times

The rack is an extremely high dollar item made by me from 2X4s. I glued and pulled it tight. I used sorborthane. Before I met you guys would not have gone to extremes. Does it sound better? Mentally it does -- :lol:

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:53 pm
by jjptkd
Looks nice, I like the dark finish! =D> =D>

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:27 am
by engtaz
Nice gear. Congrats on the toys. Enjoy

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:00 am
by Zoot Horn
sweet--- looks like someones havin' fun.

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:07 am
by tinpan
Looks great, now if you only had a Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Preamp....

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:25 am
by TNRabbit
Looking good, Bill!

=D> =D> =D> =D>

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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:40 am
by Snoop65
Nice set up OO. What are those round disc things just below your preamp?

Re: REDNECK BAR update

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:50 pm
by elgrau
Flux capacitors.....duh! :lol: