Another ESL Project... the psychosis continues

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Re: Another ESL Project... the psychosis continues

Post by Jazzman53 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:35 pm

MRHP wrote:
Jazzman53 wrote:
kingman wrote:Very impressive Charlie! Are you driving these with the 25?
The system, including the two Ripole subs, is tri-amp'd, using a Behringer digital crossover feeding three TFM-25's. That's one 25 on each speaker and one driving the two subs.

The crossover frequencies are 50Hz and 218Hz with 48db/0ctave slopes.
What does the 25 put out bridged mono....I'm guessing this is how you are using them on the speakers? I wonder how that albino 400x5 would sound running the whole know me....MORE POWER...LOL All that being said my best sounding setup I'm putting about 10 watts into each speaker...LOL

Edited to say the wood work alone is quite stunning!
I'm not running the 25's bridged. Rather, the two main speakers are vertically bi-amped using two 25's. One 25 drives each speaker with the left channel driving the stat panel and the right channel driving the midbass woofer. The two Ripole subs are both driven by the third TFM-25.

Hybrid electrostats like mine are at least twice as efficient as full range electrotats and they don't need as much power as you might think to play really loud. I'm running a 10 watt series resistor between the power amp and the ESL transformers and I've never blown it.

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Re: Another ESL Project... the psychosis continues

Post by BobSmi57 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:55 pm

Beautiful work on your hybrid stats, Charlie. =D>

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