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Re: 1st post by Newbie: current system

Post by docadillac » Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:18 pm

Don wrote:docadillac,

I could only get away with that in a dedicated Media Room. The WAF is not high with these puppies, at least not in my household. However, with the lights off is when they truly disappear and that is when she comes to appreciate their beauty through the sound they deliver. Before we built our current home, when I had these delivered in the early 90's to our former home, you could hear my wife's jaw hit the floor when she saw their barn door size. I had told her I was having some new speakers delivered, but didn't reveal the size. (no big deal, right?) I had upgraded from some 15 year old 901's and you know their footprint. Therefore, you could only imagine her thoughts when the Plat replacements came through the doors carried by two burly guys to be placed in our living room. In closing, after 15 o 16 years of ownership, she still dislikes the size, but loves the sound.

Yes Don, I can remember the look of astonishment on some peoples faces when they first saw the Amazings I used to have. Brings back some fond memories.

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