Post Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:29 am

PM-1.5 CARVER needs repair - help needed with how to proceed

(I did try to post this before as I joined the forum, so pardon me if is shows up twice)

I have a Carver PM-1.5 that recently failed when I turned it on and blew the fuse. It had been a work horse PA amp for live music for many years until this past week. I live in the Dominican Republic and am a retired electronic engineer. Finding a good repair shop is problematic. My specialty was digital design, but I do understand analog designs to some degree. I know this amp uses a unique design topology and would like some help in debugging the problem to see if I can repair it myself.

I checked for Collector to Emitter shorts on the power transistors using a volt ohm meter and also checked them in circuit with the diode check function. No obvious problems.
If I turn it back on as is, it will continue to blow fuses. Any suggestions on how to systematically proceed to debug the problem?