>>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Third TIme's the Charm. Sep. 11th - 21st
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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by stevewithrow » Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:34 pm

May I sudgest.........
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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by skip » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:04 am

Hmmmm, early Sept might just work for me. I have to pass on the FestEast this year to take Janet back to Oregon to visit the family. Made many points telling her we'd go out there rather than me doing the Fest again this year. It wouldn't be my fault if there just happened to be a Fest at the same time we're in Oregon now, would it? O:)
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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by frankieD » Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:40 am

Hey Rick, I haven't forgotten just been a little busy. I have been in touch with Zaca lake and it is a little flakey (just as you would expect from Socal). The guy who answered the phone took my info and said someone would call me. Been over a week now. I will call back today, Even so I don't know if it will be an adequate location.

To those with concerns about "stealing" the fest from N.C.....it will never happen. That location might as well have been designed for the Fest. Could not be better...and they seem to love us Carverites. I believe the Watershed Carverfest is as good as establihed now.

A supplementary west coast fest is what I have in mind. The real problem here (socal) is finding a venue.

I will keep looking.

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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by tfm75 » Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:14 pm


I was just looking around and here is some more cabins that popped up. Tell me what you think?


To get to the cabins go to the quick search on the right with the arrival date and departure date. I put in Jan 1st-8th and than the pictures of the cabins will show up and the rates as well.
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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by frankieD » Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:29 pm

Hey Tim I'm glad someone else down here is working on it. These cabins look pretty good, similar to NC. The only thing for me is that I was hoping to lure the east coasters out here in winter to enjoy the warm weather. The last time I was in Idlywild in Feb there was a foot of snow on the ground.

Stay on it & I will see what I can come up with. We also might have a better chance if it is somewhere in the middle rather than so far south.

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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by TNRabbit » Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:42 pm

Some details from their website:

Weekly rates include 7 nights for the price of 5-1/2 nights anytime except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Discount of 10% on 2nd week of a 2-week reservation, except during holidays

Discount of 10% on reservations arriving and departing midweek, Monday thru Thursday, except during holidays

Discounts and Special offers not applicable during Holidays

Other discounts do not apply during Spring and Fall Specials

Stay 3 Nights For The Price of 2!


That’s right! Choose your favorite vacation home in the mountain community of Idyllwild (2 night minimum) and stay a third night for FREE!

This offer Good:
Spring - March 1 thru May 31 and
Fall - September 10 thru November 15

Easter and Memorial Day Weekends – 3 night minimum get the 4th night FREE

Stop by our office or give us a call at 1-800-297-1410 to get first choice. You deserve the very best!


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Re: >>>2009 West Coast CarverFest Feeler Thread<<<

Post by treitz3 » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:07 pm

Any further progress on a West coast CF?
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