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Re: Are you a CD junkie?

Post by Reese » Sat May 31, 2008 7:58 pm

So true, so true! And that applies in spades to some of the remasterings EMI did in 1997 for its library of CD and tape opera/vocal masters of, for example, Maria Callas, the Greek-American soprano. From great original productions and recordings, the three guys given the batch to remaster digitally pretty much turned out really terrible, messed up and twiddled versions of the original recordings (I have the vinyl and the earlier CDs to prove it).

Thin, wiry, brittle upper voice register, or fogged up filtered sound, either emphasizing the orchestra vs. a balance with the voices, or vice versa. Edgy, bad remasterings - and I'm just reporting in agreement with some really highly respected sound people and critics who know the science and art involved here. Plus pressings in the US were not so good, whereas the same recordings produced by Japanese or Dutch or German pressings (or burnings) were superior.

And in the case of these legendary singers whose "editions" are prepared by big record companies, the companies are not usually keen on reissuing corrected versions of all these recordings -- doing a huge disservice to the artists, in my opinion, and not presenting accurate examples for younger folks to listen to and to enjoy (not hate).

I'm not surprised, maxxx, that the same thing happens to bands and rock groups through the "mastery" of the sound engineers who botch things up -- or make glorious recordings to treasure!
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