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Only transport to play HRx, hi res wav, dvd, cd, on it's own

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:37 am
by Rainman
There are many of you who are way more up to the minute on this stuff than I am, but I wanted you guys to see this thing.... followed by your feedback after you have a chance to read up on it. It is called The Perfect Wave Transport.
The first things that got my attention were this thing has it's own operating system which allows it to play all media through a digital lens without using a computer motherboard. This also allows it to rip music with a data extraction method that eliminates the need for error correction. It is also the only transport that can play HRx directly without having to send it to a computer first. It appears to be the "big haus daddy" from what I have read...... Now comes the part where you guys are supposed to straighten me out on this one...... Here is the link to this months news letter so you can read about it in detail...

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