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Our Great Leader:


by Jon Rappoport

July 17, 2012


To a crowd of supporters in Roanoke, the president of the United States finally came out in the open and said, "If you've got a business---you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

He put the plastic cherry on the cake for an adoring audience, with his favorite generality: "You're not in this alone, we're in this together."

How are we in this together? By forcing a federal health insurance plan down everyone's throat, whether they want it or not? By bailing out Obama's biggest financial supporters on Wall Street, as opposed to putting them in jail? By invading Libya without Congressional approval? By helping to destabilize the Middle East and calling it "Arab spring?" By protecting the opium poppies in Afghanistan? By appointing strong advocates for GMO food to positions of importance in his administration, while pretending to favor a healthy diet for all Americans? By continuing the Globalist policies and insupportable debt structure of former presidents from both parties?

And as for his heinous trashing of all entrepreneurs, we see a president turning the meaning of The Individual on its head. Instead of stating that the public sector was created to enable individuals to forge ahead and fulfill their dreams, he proposes a vague all-encompassing Group as the beginning and end of the Republic.

Obama's perverted reading of the Constitution ranks on the level of a clueless high school freshman's, except he knows better and doesn't care.

(In case you wonder, I'm not a Romney supporter. I won't vote for either of these con men.)

"If you've got a business---you didn't build that," Obama said.

He's a rank liar.

I've seen what it takes for individuals to launch and sustain and expand enterprises. I've seen the sweat and the intelligence and the drive at work. I've seen the imagination.

These are not group qualities. These aren't "we're all together" qualities.

Obama has a dream, and it's collectivism. It stinks like a rotting corpse from top to bottom.

He's just played his hole card. Look at it. Understand what it means.

The president of the United States is attacking the foundation of the American Republic. He never believed in the Republic. He believes in selling a story dressed up like a quasi-religious sermon. His dream of control involves inexorably linking every citizen to the central government ("all of us together") so tightly, the remaining wall between the private sector and the public sector will dissolve into nothing. His mission is to hasten the melting of America into one giant interdependent glob.

Obama is the current leading edge of the historical campaign to eradicate the meaning, memory, and existence of the free and powerful individual.

To glimpse the success of the campaign, imagine a newly minted PhD trying to gain employment at a US college teaching a course called: THE FREE, POWERFUL, AND CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL.

Collectivism, the underlying philosophy of Globalism, is a direct attack against the individual. It promises a spiritual and political destiny of illumination for everyone who exchanges his honor and his vision for membership in The Group. When you strip it bare, such membership promotes the joy of slavery over freedom.

It may take a village to sell a book and a perverse idea, but without free and powerful individuals, the thing we call civilization will morph into a vast re-education camp in which we are all ciphers.

And above us, a small number of rulers will celebrate their joke and their con. They sold; we bought. What sounded like unity was really a hypnotic trance.



The game isn't over. It's never over.

Jon Rappoport
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