Carver HR-895 Receiver

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Carver HR-895 Receiver

Post by TeamQue » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:47 pm


I registered on this forum in January of 2010 trying to get back into my sound system but it just isn't working. I'm unhappily selling my Carver HR-895 Receiver I've owned since new; 12/28/94.

I've read the post from Puppet Master regarding the "things to know" about posting something for sale from a non - established member so I'll try to comply as best as I can.

The unit is in good to very good condition. I have all the original items from when I purchased it brand new. The original box, owners manual, bill of sale and some other documents I've collected on it for the past years.

I would rather it go to a person who appreciates the Carver name than someone who will destroy or neglect it once gone. I live on the eastern coast of Wisconsin, south of Green Bay, so I'm willing to have anyone come see and review the unit like it states in Puppet's post.

I'll asking $325.00 but willing to negotiate the price.

Post or PM myself if you would like to know more about the unit.

Thanks for allowing me to post my Carver receiver on your sight!!!

Team Que
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Re: Carver HR-895 Receiver

Post by OconeeOrange » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:21 pm

Good stuff, good photo.

That is a fair price, and you might get some tickles on ebay.
Not so much from most here I suspect.

I might be wrong -> who here has or is in need of a receiver?

Good post --

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