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Telefunken EL84 Tube set for Sale

For Sale: Telefunken EL84/6BQ5 tube set. They sound GREAT!! I have no measurements on them accept listening:

Complete Telefunken EL84 amplifier tube set. I've listened to the EL84s in a Bob Carver EL84 amplifier behind a Sunfire Tube pre on Klipsch Fortes, Alesis Monitor Ones, Dahlquist DQ-8s,
and Carver Amazing Silver Loudspeakers, and they sound fantastic. Deep bass, liquid mids and sweet and juicy like these nutz. highs. The soundfield is broad and deep. Imagining is fantastic. No glare or glaze just a great tube set. I have them listed on AudioGon. CarverAudio, CarverSite, and the Vintage Hi-Fi of Pittsburgh forums. Look at the date codes and you'll find they hail from 1963/4. The unit they came from was sold in Jan of '65 IIRC. Sadly I pulled a dumbass and tried to wipe the EL84s off before installing them in my amp and wiped most of the monogram off of them. Pictures were taken of the bases, date codes and other identifying marks to insure you can verify they are indeed Telefunken tubes. Thank you for your interest. ray

Link to pictures is here:

I had Sherry take the pics. She's WAAY better than I am.



asking $200

Its going to be used equipment when I sell it, so it may as well be used equipment when I buy it.

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