F/S Carver Amazings and Klipsch KLF 30's and more!!

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Re: F/S Carver Amazings and Klipsch KLF 30's and more!!

Post by Miko1971 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:54 am

P.O. Sold it to me already junked because when I removed the driver I could see the voice coil spider was completely burned at the point where the leads connect. I took it apart and it was destroyed. Bought on eBay as a "great sub, no issues" I got it and plugged it in and it worked (barely) for about a minute then it stopped. Filed a claim got my money back and it's been sitting in my office ever since. Took the amp off and both internal fuses were wrapped in aluminum foil!!! I will say that eBay has stepped up their game as far as helping you when this happens. I'm sending the amp to Bill and going to play with making a diy sub.


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