Post Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:29 pm


This forum has been set up for new members to list any equipment they may have for sale.
Please post your items, their condition, if you have the original box/packaging, manual, remote. Also if possible it is a good idea to post pictures of your item, to give members a 1st hand look at the units condition.

Also, this forum has had its fare share of scammers, trying to dump units in poor condition, just to make a quick buck. Due to past experiences, many members are reluctant to purchase items from new members. One of the biggest, and best ways around this, are "face to face deals"... If you are willing to allow a local forum member to audition your units, and report back to the forum, this is a great way to establish trust for a new member among the forum.

Keep in mind, there are many members that prefer to only buy equipment from well established members, and these people may pass up your offers due to negative past experiences with non-established members. Please do not take offense.

Enjoy our forum, and good luck with any sales you may have.