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Post by fstik » Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:01 am

I just replaced the foam on the front of my AL-III+ speakers, and have some left over. It is the open cell speaker foam (can see through it.) and measures 17" x 72 x 1/2 inches. Probably enough to do 4 speakers (I used only 4" x 72" strips.) $18.00 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. I accept Paypal or Money Order. PM me if interested.

Here are the specs:

Color : Black
PPI: 30
Density : 1.72 lbs. / ft. cubed
CLD@40%: 0.87 psi
Tensile Strength : 20.3 psi.
Elongation : 84.0(%)
Cell Count: 33 ppi.
Air Flow: Average 5300 L/(m2*s)
Temperature Resistance: -40 degree F. to 212 degree F.

Characteristics: A reticulated, open pore, flexible, ester type of polyurethane foam. Characterized by a skeletal structure of strands which provide a constant 97% of void space and a very high degree of permeability.



PS will probably have 4 30 inch ribbons and Original crossovers, and a set of Platinum crossovers soon, after I finish my Plat upgrade on my ALS'. Let me know if interested on those as well.
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