Fair price for a tfm 35x and a ct-28v?

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Re: Fair price for a tfm 35x and a ct-28v?

Post by Jag_97470 » Sat May 23, 2009 9:15 pm

It all depends on how your e-bay account is set up. There could be a problem if you let's say have a bank account as another form of payment. You can add bank accounts to your payPal account and when finalizing your payment you have the option of PayPal credit funds or transfer > to payPal from bank account to pay for your purchase. Just a shot in the dark here, if you do have a bank account it sometimes get set as your default payment method. Unless you actually change this to > PayPal credit they have to transfer funds from the bank account. And I hate to say it, because it's happened to me! I lucked out and had the funds available in my bank account, but if you don't? I don't know how ofter they would resubmit the transfer? And if denied because of insufficient funds > is your transaction lost out in cyberspace? Good question. I would send conformation number to PayPal and ask? Good luck.

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Re: Fair price for a tfm 35x and a ct-28v?

Post by bouda » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:22 am

donberry wrote:i know the post is a little old, sorry. I am just kind of confused about ebay not releasing your funds? I have over 300 transactions and have never run into that. I have always got my money immediately? On quite a few items I have withdrawn my money from paypal the next day and if it was on a weekend, did not ship the item until the following monday.
just curious
I have only run into it recently. Someone suggested that they now do it to sellers with less then 100 feedbacks. However, this does not make since since the last item I sold - the money was transferred immediately.

When I logged into paypal, for the two carver items I sold, both transactions were on hold until the buyer gave me positive feedback, or I had the option of putting tracking information in, and once delivery was confirmed it said it would take the hold off (this never worked though - package were delivered days before I received the positive feedback and funds were not released until then).

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