Carver PRH-2 Programmable Remote Control for sale

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Carver PRH-2 Programmable Remote Control for sale

Post by Falcon91Wolvrn03 » Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:00 pm

Hi everyone! If anyone is interested in the subject remote control, I'm selling it on e-bay: ... CA:US:1123

Current price is $0.01 plus $4.95 shipping. It's in good working condition.

I also plan to sell the following on e-bay tomorrow (Sunday, 9 Aug 09):

Carver C-19 Vacuum Tube Reference Preamplifier
Carver AV-64 3/4 Channel Amplifier
Carver TX-11b FM/AM Tuner
Carver DPL-33 Dolby ProLogic Surround decoder/spacial processor/amplifier

I'm selling these because I now only use my system to listen to CD's (the equipment I'm keeping is in my signature).

I hope this post is ok here (buy/sell/trade for newbies). :)

Carver SD/A-490t CD Player (broke - temporarily replaced with iPod)
Carver Silver-Nine-t Amplifiers
Apogee Centaur Major Loudspeakers

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