knowing when you have gone too far with your ribbons....

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knowing when you have gone too far with your ribbons....

Post by rxel » Fri Jan 09, 2004 10:58 pm

I’ve been breaking in my newly repaired ribbon (bout a year now) got to say it sounds great, thanks Dave!! Actually had a lot of trouble at first! Had this unexplainable screeching noise coming from my refurb'd ribbon at first? It only happened at high power levels, come to find out a solder joint had broken loose one of the filter caps in the crossover!!! Every time I would air the system out! I would get this blood-curdling screech because of the bass vibration! Be advised if your back there... check the condition of the hand solder joints on the crossover!! Probably knocked it loose while man handling the speaker!

Funny story on why I needed my ribbon fixed. I was showing off my speakers to my brother and his girl, Really pumping it and all the sudden I saw a little flash and the right side went dead. Now having a speaker go is not unusual for me because I’ve intentionally lowered the fuse rating on the ribbons, just because I am driving them with the silver 9's and I have the hi-fi equivalent of a lead foot! But the flash was a new one for me. After my brother left I had replaced the fuse and still no sound. My fears were confirmed after checking continuity across the ribbon by itself... man why do I always have to show off!!! I burned out the trace on the foil! Long story short. I knew from previous searches on the web that there was a repair service and so I got mine repaired. (Once again thanks!)

By the way that repair was done on my second set of ribbons that I actually bought from Carver parts and replaced myself. The first set didn't fair do well next to my fireplace up north! The glue on the magnets on the originals didn't like the heat exposure. I’ve had mine platinum’s since 1993 used... I think they are few years older than that, I’ll check the serial numbers one day but regardless they are a great speaker for the "single man" who has the space for them.

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