al3 woofer theile small specs

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al3 woofer theile small specs

Post by angelod307 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:41 pm

don't ever recall this being posted, so here it is from eminence.
the 10" woofer in the regular for sure and i would think the plus modeals as well.

05-RE OHMS 3.20 13-FS HZ 25.50
06-LE MH 1.45 14-MMS GMS 54.36
07-QM 5.29 15-CMS mm/N .7166
08-QE .270 16-RMS NS/M 1.6458
09-QT .260 17-VAS LTRS 119.71
10-XMAX MM 4.60 18-SD SCM 344.88
11-BL TM 10.10 19-EBP 93.4
12-EFF % .70 20-SPL dB 90.5
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Re: al3 woofer theile small specs

Post by jimw » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:10 pm

Interesting. Here is what I had dug up on them. Don't recall where.

• Fs 29Hz
• Re 3.35 OHMS
• Qms 5.29
• Qes 0.26
• Qts 0.24
• Le 1.44
• Vas 84.0 L
• SPL 91.7 db

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Re: al3 woofer theile small specs

Post by Planerguy » Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:48 pm

Too bad we don't have a member with Woofer tester to run these ourselves. The single most important spec. to me that is close on both sets of data, is the sensitivity figure.
90 to 91 db and with the extra umph of floor/room coupling is just too high for these panels.

When I had the AL-III, not the plus, I kept the bass control set around 1/2, but even then, they sounded thick and poorly damped. It wasn't the LOW bass, it was the bass closer to the crossover point that just doesn't cut it for me.
I've been running my set with the woofer jumpers disconnected, and using a pair of dahlquist corner loaded, DQ1W subwoofers actively crossed in around 180Hz., The lows are powered by a pair of Triad sub woofer amplifiers. It is VASTLY superior to the sound of that 10" woofer built into the speaker, and it is cleaner, with both better extension, and superior upper bass definition.

I'm still toying with an idea to build a short line array of small woofers, firing through the front slot, then using the sub woofers only from 35 Hz. on down. if i do anything, I'll take pictures and post them.

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