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Post by angelod307 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:26 pm

niccolosito wrote:
jjptkd wrote:Are you bi-amping with the 200x5? My buddy's using a Sunfire 200x5 that was just rebuilt to drive his AL-III's and at first he tried running them off just the front two channels. It worked up to reasonable volumes but the amp would actually shut down if pushed at all. Now he uses 4 of the 5 channels on just the AL-III's and it drives them perfectly without any problems or heat.

Hi jjptkd,

Yes, I am bi-amping with the 200x5. The first time I pushed them comfortably louder than normal(but not way too loud), the Sunfire felt a lot warmer than usual and SF's are supposed to keep their cool I've always read. And the amp was still warm one hour after shut-off! With the jumpers installed, I tried driving the III's with my Crown PSA-2D and this amp gives out at least 465watts/channel @4ohms and they sounded great.
Just wondering, when driving just two speakers, aren't Sunfire amps designed to "borrow" power from the other unused channels when pushed to high volumes, which in the 200x5's case, extra 600 watts to borrow? Or do I mis-understand the concept?
Thank you.

I asked bob way back when, he said use the resistors in the amp altough he did not seem all that impressed by diong it. He spoke of the heat if i recall , but i would not swear to it.
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