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Silvers OR Keep ALIII

Post by Chuck1 » Tue May 18, 2004 8:43 pm

I have owned a pair of the ALIII's for approx. 3 years now - driven by Sunfire's CGsig amp. Excellent combination! I recently purchased a set of the Silvers with/for a friend of mine to set up his stereo / home theater system. He would rather have the ALIII's due to room size constraints. He offered to buy my set so I can keep the Silvers. I have not received them yet to judge for myself, but are there major difference in sound quality between the two speakers? If they are in the same condition as my current ALIII's, do I keep the Silvers? I really don't want to part with the ALIII's. I was planning on searching for a pair of Oak Platinum MKIV's for my front channels and use the ALIII's for the rears. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I know the answers will probably be "keep them all" but the wife would execute me! Also, anyone have any good/excellent condition Platinum MKIV's (oak) for sale in Ohio?

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