Post Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:10 am

Surround Problems

For all you surround experts out there I could use some of your expertise. I'm getting a new 50" widescreen. I presently have Original Carver Amazings powered by 2 Silver 9t's. I also have a C1 preamp. A buddy of mine has offered to sell me two Mission 73S speakers as my satellites,a Mission 73C for my center. I would like my main system to do the rest. The sound processor that goes with it is called an SS1-Model 3200. I'm not familiar with this thing so maybe someone has heard of it. He's asking 450 Canadian(360 American) I would think the speakers would be close to that alone. Sound like a good deal??. Ok getting back to my problem. Can you set this all up and still use my amps in the equation. The guy in town seems to feel I would need another surround amp. If you have another setup in mind that would work please feel free to make suggestions. I would however like to use the Mission speakers. Thet are probably a lot better than your average ones. Art