Sorry I sold my Originals

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Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by mfhjr » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:11 am

Not sure if any one would be interested in this or not but a very nice guy drove 5 hours to buy my Carver Original Amazing Loud Speakers.
I had the speakers set up side by side with the Martin Logan Aerius 1 I bought to replace the Originals. The guy asked if I would mind hooking up the Martin Logans and listening the the same tracks of music. I almost backed out of the sale. My "EX" Originals completely blew the Martin Logans out of the water. Since then I have tried about fifteen different placements of the Martin's, to find the so called "SWEET SPOT" and I have been able to "Good Spots" but nothing like the "Sweet Sound" of the originals. I'm driving my wife crazy but I'm going to sell the Martins and get me another set of Carver's (this time with a much smaller foot print).

When I had two M-4.0t's driving my Originals I would have put them up against ANY speaker under ten grand.

Sorry MO in CO.

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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by treitz3 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:50 pm

The same type of remorse in selling happened with my Originals. I had them at home powered by what was considered a powerful amp [relatively]. I had my set hooked up to a Carver M1.5t and it sounded so bad and the volume couldn't even get loud enough for me to enjoy it, I threw them up for sale. They just weren't my cup of tea.

At the first Carverfest, a fellow member of the forum and I had made arrangements to swap gear. I was to get a Carver TFM-55 and he would get the Originals. Once he hooked those Originals up to his Carver Lightstar amp and preamp, WHOA! Boy did those Originals ever come to life. Damn great sound man. As soon as the first 20 or so seconds of music started playing when they were hooked up to the Lightstar I started to doubt my decision for the swap. Oh well, a deal is a deal and I knew that they would be going to a good home and properly amplified. Those speakers are still rockin' away and pleasing everyone who listens to them. Couldn't have gone to a better home as well..

'Till this day, that's one audio decision I still regret. Oh well, part of the audio journey I guess. Maybe one day I'll do what you have decided to do and repurchase them. Time will tell for me. Good luck on the repurchase bro'.

You have good taste. :D
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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by maddmaxxx » Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:12 pm

-yeah sir trex; a deal iz a deal...good or long as we at least learn :D [my c19 for example ](*,) ]

-if i wasnt so obsessed w/ ALS definitely considre ML's or polk sda's [verry unfamiliar w/ both co.s]

-and id have to audition them taylos too 8)

-really ive only heard the ML scenarios of the 3 spks above...but they really 'moved' me...i liked them a great deal !!! \:D/
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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by tah800 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:03 pm

The secret behind Carver Amazings is in the setup. You need power( the monolocks are the best). Rewire with high end posts Positioning(at least 3 ft from the wall. And believe it or not the right room. That being said you are absolutely right when you say nothing under ten grand will not touch them. I would venture to say they would give speakers over ten grand a good run.I almost sold mine. Thank god I didn't. Interesting story. I bought mine from a local guy back in the early nineties. He had moved from his home to try his luck in a small store. I helped him out a bit for the first month or so. He had a set of the Originals set up for demo. I don't no how many guys absolutely loved those things. They would return the following day with the wife in tow. Guess what happened. The little women would take one look and say "those god damned ugly things aren't going in my house". I don't know how many sales were lost that way. I really believe that's the reason there are so few around today. Amazing how that lttle head can rule some guys lives. Only one way to go with those big speakers,DEDICATED SOUND ROOM. Art

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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by erniejade1 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:10 pm

I am lucky I still have mine. Driving them with the 625 x 2 sometimes does not seem like it is enough.

Placement is a huge factor as well as the room. I moved mine and it made them sound horrible. I am still playing around with placement. I do like where I have them but, I keep thinking there must be a better spot lol.

I am sorry you got rid of them Good luck finding another pair in good shape.

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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by docadillac » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:02 pm

I still miss the Amazings I had even though it's years later. My last speakers were Klipsch Forte II's. They were a completely different speaker but great in their own right. I could run them LOUD for hours without a problem.

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Re: Sorry I sold my Originals

Post by Anatoray » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:51 pm

My cousin did the same thing. He replaced his Carver IVs with Martin Logans after seelling the carvers to me. Once it was all set up, I could immediately tell he wouldn't be happy. He's still in denial to this day, but is at least admitting the "sweet spot" is VERY narrow with the MLs. Seriously, the smallest sweet spot ever.

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