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Re: hum job

Post by Rainman » Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:15 am

Welcome aboard! I was reading about your noise issue and wanted to toss my 2cents worth into the mix. First I should let you know that there are many very knowledgeable and helpful people here and Dreamer is certainly not lacking in the knowledge and help dept. I wanted to sort of toss something in on Dreamer's coat tails following his tips on ground loop and power. This has been mentioned before, but it is worth bringing up again. Sometime ago we developed a "hum" in our house much like what you are describing. It was barely noticeable in our audio system, but still very irritating. It never really increased in the living room, but one day I was going down stairs and I could hear the same hum in the stairway. It only took about ten seconds to find the source. The light switch at the top of the stairs was actually humming like a noisy power supply! I called a close friend who knows more about electricity and everything it travels through than any one person should be allowed to know. He dropped by on his way home and walked in with a couple wrenches and a screwdriver. He said to have a cold one ready in 3 minutes and went downstairs. He returned minutes later and said I was all fixed up and good to go. All he did was inspect and tighten the grounds in my fuse panel! Now I know a lot about wiring things like race cars, passenger cars, car audio, and home audio, but I have not had my eyes in too many service panels. I found it interesting when he told me every 6 mos. or so you should inspect all of the connections in your panel and tighten as needed because they can loosen up over time.
Just something for you to consider looking at and it is one of the few things that won't cost you any money to try.... One other thing that might not fix your hum, but still can't hurt would be to replace the outlets powering your stereo with "hospital grade" outlets like the ones that PS Audio sells because they are a true isolated ground outlet. If you contact my buddy Dyeraudio I think he may still have a few of them that he will sell you for something like $10-$15 instead of the $40 everyone else charges for them Sincerely,

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