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Re: Biamping Amazings today

Post by bob p » Wed May 20, 2009 10:24 am

excessive power? we all know that too much is never enough; this all goes back to the question of how much clean power do you need to produce a musical transient without distortion.

i remember reading an interview back in the early days of Carver when BC was doing experiments to see how much power was required to reproduce the sound of a scissors cutting paper without distortion. the answer turned out to be around 1000W. IIRC that's when he was designing the M-1.5 amp, and that would explain why its designed to reproduce 1200W transients.

so although Bill's system has 3200W of potential power on-tap, its not like his speakers will ever see 3200W of sine wave power. if the truth be told, Carver amps are great at reproducing demanding musical transients, but they can't reproduce sine waves for long before things start to get ugly.

Bill, how many circuits do you have feeding those amps? with inefficient speakers like those i bet you can still dim the lights, even if you've got the amps on 2 separate circuits.
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Re: Biamping Amazings today

Post by BillD » Wed May 20, 2009 12:29 pm

Bob, just one Sunfire 400 ~ seven. It puts out 800W into 4R. Those tracking downconverter amps are pretty much load invariant. I use 4 channels of it to drive a pair of AL-IIIs bi-amped through a Rane AC-22 crossed at 150Hz.
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