Doin' a little bit of tweakin' this year.......

The 5th Annual CarverFest Sep. 9th - 19th
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Re: Doin' a little bit of tweakin' this year.......

Post by kingman » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:24 pm

When it becomes too serious, it's no longer fun. My $.02.
...I agree with Jesse on this point. As for the drinking part, I would have done alot more had I not had an intestinal virus...that being said, people like to socialize and drink. Why can't there be a " party cabin" to accommodate the people that want to drink alot??? I'm sure that someone will step forward to accept the challenge. That doesn't exclude them from the festivities, it just provides a mutual atmosphere that all people that indulge enjoy. I agree with the scheduled times to preview others rigs. Make this available before Carverfest begins so everyone will know. As for Bob, he deserves the respect that he has earned. I certainly would not want to be crap faced and talk to him and I think that others should respect that rule. On the other hand, people pay bucks out to rent these cabins and enjoy themselves. I'm all for free speech and people doing what they want to do as long as it doesn't intrude on others with a different agenda. We are all big boys and girls and need to be self responsible for our actions. The only problem I had this year was eating...never know when and usually too late. If we can get the eats on schedule, it would be damn near perfect. I've met alot of great people at Carverfest and I think that the event is as much about the comradary as it is about the music or the systems. Don't let this good thing go to program mode because of the size or a problem...rather address the problem with the individuals as you would your family, accommodate differences, and work together. After all..." We are better together" !!!!!
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Re: Doin' a little bit of tweakin' this year.......

Post by beemers417 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:30 pm

I tried to go around in the morning to see systems. The place was a ghost town. I was able to check out Eddies rig with Kingman's III's. I also saw Jerry's system on another day. Tried to hear Brocks system but it was torn up. It would be nice to have more morning systems running.
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Re: Doin' a little bit of tweakin' this year.......

Post by Zoot Horn » Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:15 pm

OK-- my VTL mono's are undergoing a bit of a transformation,,,we'll see how it turns out,,he,he. 8)

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