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Re: Used Equipment FS

Post by sea » Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:36 pm

I have not posted on this forum and have posted very little on TheCarverSite forum so I realize the hesitation you may have dealing with me on used equipment. If so, no offense taken.

However, as it turns out I am driving over to Carverfest on Saturday. I bought a large lot of Carver Equipment about a year ago and have several pieces that I have checked out but do not plan to keep. All are in pretty good shape with the normal scratches you would expect due to age. I am planning to eventually list and either sell on CL or ebay but I thought If there is interest I could bring and you can review and accept or pass based on the appearance and/or performance. This would save me the aggravation of listing, packing, etc. I have priced below the lowest ebay sales I could find in completed listings.

CT-17 Preamp with Carver OEM remote (I think it is identified as RH17) $100
CT-7 Preamp (Anthracite Finish) with aftermarket remote $75
TX-10 Tuner $40
SD/A 360 CDP $100
DTL-50 CDP $50
DTL-200 CDP $75

All three CDP's trays open and close fine and will play CD's fine for the most part. All three skip occasionally. I have cleaned the lasers but have not troubleshot further. They will play 95% of the time trouble free. I am sea on both Carver sites as well as the Polk forums.

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Re: Used Equipment FS

Post by stevek » Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:20 am

stevek wrote:
True Subwoofer MK II. Randomly starts humming, sensing circuit needs adjusting. Needs repair but cheap to ship just the plate. $150
Sunfire 300X2. Slight hum from the amp, not through the speakers, currently in use. Many little scratches from stacking, one deeper scratch on top/front/center. $450
SOLD... CarverFest deals are complete. Sub to hewlew1 and the 300X2 to Kingman.
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Re: Used Equipment FS

Post by frenchguy » Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:03 am

If anyone is interested in a tfm 42 I have one that needs a recap according to greg in cabin 2! willing to sell for $125, if interested see frenchguy in cabin #9
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