The Pecking Order

11th Annual CARVERFEST 2017 September 6th - 20th
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The Pecking Order

Post by Magnaryder » Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:43 pm

So before y'all get way outta line....

"Julian" in his infinite wisdom jotted this down for us in 2012.

I suggest y'all read this before you get your feelings hurt.

From TREITZ3 hisself

There does come a time when, unfortunately, an executive decision has to be made. From here on out, there will be a so called "pecking" order with regards to Carverfest and the cabins made available. These rules are made with no bias, prejudice or favoritism attached. This is not only for the benefit of the cabins but for the benefit of the forum membership and attendees that come to Carverfest as well. It should be said before hand that these rules are not up for debate, period.

If you have a suggestion, I am more than willing to take up suggestions. If you have a complaint, go seek professional help and don't bring them to me. That said, if you have a complaint as well as a suggestion to alleviate or correct said complaint? I'm all ears.....just not on the public front. Please PM me if you have any suggestions. Complaints alone will simply be ignored.

The main goal of these decisions will be to insure that the most gracious host of the event [Watershed Cabins] gets what they rightfully deserve. That being profit. The Watershed Cabins and their owners have bent over backwards to provide the members of this forum a luxurious get-away in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina at a SUBSTANTIAL rate reduction that the regular public is not privy too. In return, I try to make things as easy for them as possible and to get them the most amount of profit out of what little they make from us [compared to the normal rates]. The staff at Watershed has gone above and waaaaay beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions and they have consistently done things for Carverfest that cost them money and they would definitely not do for regular clientele.

It is for this reason I try to make the best outcome for them, so in return they will keep providing the outstanding service as well as pricing that we have been privy to experience and in a way.....come to expect. That said, a new "pecking" order will be laid down so that there is no confusion as to who may get what cabin and why certain members may not get what cabin they really wanted. This not only benefits the cabins but the entire group in the long run. We need it to be a win-win situation for all parties involved and I am treating my relationship with Watershed Cabins as I would any business, even though I am not in any way financially involved with them or any entity threof. That said....

The "pecking" order.....

The members who have stayed at the cabins that they have been in, provided they have stayed there the entire time the years before and the prior year, have first say on getting the same cabin.

The members that have stayed in the same cabin for years [including the year before] but have not rented the cabin for the entire time risk losing their cabin for the next year [including this year] to folks that wish to rent the same cabin for the entire time.

The members that have stayed in the same cabin the entire time for years [including the year before] have first say in acquiring a cabin in which is not rented for the entire time. Consideration and respect is appreciated, with regards to this and abuse will not be tolerated.

If and when it comes down to folks losing their cabin one year due to financial considerations or other unforeseen reasons [excluding serious health issues], those members will have to "re-earn" their place in the pecking order. No exceptions.

Extended stays both before and after Carverfest qualify a member for absolutely nothing. That is their decision and it has nothing to do with the event itself. Do not ever expect to think that you can acquire a cabin based upon the premise that you will be staying longer than someone. When the event is over, you are more than welcome to move over to that cabin or the cabin of your choice, provided the Watershed Cabins don't already have a reservation. One further note on this....if the forum members requested a late checkout, please respect this and honor the time they requested.

Talking to and making arrangements with those forum members that may have the cabin you wish to stay in is not only welcome but emphatically encouraged. A friendly and professional atmosphere is what we strive for, what Bob Carver expects and it is what is expected of each and every forum member not only attending but on the forum as well. We are better than petty arguments or disputes over a certain cabin. The end result is that we are blessed enough to stay at some luxury log cabins in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina while enjoying the various rigs that folks bring. I know of no other venue quite like this and it sure does beat staying in a generic "luxury" hotel.....which is unfortunately where most audio events are typically held at.


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Re: The Pecking Order

Post by BrianT » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:48 am


Thanks for reposting.

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