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Got a C-11 or H-9AV? Bring it to CF!

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:26 pm
by UncleMeat
To all attendees of this year's Carverfest:

If you have a C-11 or an H-9AV; if you bring it to CF '18 I will show you how to update the Precognition Matrix function so that it works correctly. I have made a modification to mine that corrects a circuitry design flaw which makes the L/R channels switch sides. I suspect that the circuit error also causes some loss of output signal on one channel also (errors causing signal cancellation downstream).

Here is some background information: ... ent=177821 ... sal-fixed/

Depending on interest, I could either help you work on your C-11 or have a workshop event one afternoon/evening at Treehouse A or maybe one of the bigger cabins.