-WHAT Flame linears, Carvers, Sunfires ARE U.S.A.-BUILT ???

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Re: -WHAT Flame linears, Carvers, Sunfires ARE U.S.A.-BUILT ???

Post by maddmaxxx » Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:17 pm

-funny story; a kinda custumer told me he bought a 20, 'tricked-out' harKey dyna glide [12,- 14, iz aprox retail]

-he shows up at the shop w/ a stock machine...had screamin beagle pipes and a screamin beagle 'mikuni' carbertraiter

-the extra greenbacks were for 30 some 'authorized', t-shirts, a way kuul 'biker' wallet and key fob...and acourse harKey chineese leathers [the full boat]

-chaps/ boots/ jacket/ goggles/ helmets and a bunch more crapola...gotta give the salesperson credit...3bills worth or crapola for 7, ...hell id a hired him in a heartbeat

-then again, i got a conscience ](*,) , and dont sell import shit at the shop :-k

-typical American consumers...no wonder 'they' drive jap cars...one would think an education would prevent this !!! craziness at its finest !!!, or ineptness should i say

-very funny, but very sad overall...i blew snots out my snoz, while this wannabe 'biker' was telling me of his 'good deal'
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Re: -WHAT Flame linears, Carvers, Sunfires ARE U.S.A.-BUILT ???

Post by peck555 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:08 pm

Well my 1.0t is made in Japan,( and it has the bridging switch), where my son is teaching English to Japanese school kids. =D>

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