Met Bob at RMAF 2017

Interesting facts/opinions about the man himself.
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Met Bob at RMAF 2017

Post by aceinc » Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:02 am

Was listening in the Carver room, and as I was leaving I started a conversation with one of his minions and another audio enthusiast. The topic was the value of high end cables in a system. I come down on the side of as long as it is electrically suitable for the task with proper shielding as needed you can't tell the difference. I believe Bob's minion agreed with me, after a few minutes of discussion, where the other enthusiast was a proponent of differing sounds from different snake oil cables, Bob's minion went in and retrieved Bob.

Bob came out and was quite friendly and seemed to enjoy discussing this topic. I came away with the impression that Bob was skeptical of the value of esoteric interconnects and especially speaker wires, although my particular prejudice in this regard may color my interpretation of what he was saying.

Since he was friendly to me, I remembered an interesting product at the show that I thought he may be interested in, the Korg NuTube. I made a special trip to get their brochure and gave it to one of his minions, who immediately gave it to Bob. He seemed quite engrossed in it, but I had to run and catch a plane, so I wan't able to get his impressions on the tech.

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