The meaning of music

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The meaning of music

Post by radioeng2 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:48 pm

Some words written by a musician named Steve Turee, a trombone player, really strikes a chord with me.... The Hugh Masakela he refers to (known at CF for the song, Coal Train) does play with a certain spirited intensity that makes this tale very believable.

"I played with Hugh Masakela, Township Music. We were rehearsing one day, and he told me this story. When he was a young kid in high school, he used to cut school and go rehearse and play all day with the older guys. He didn’t have it all together yet, but he said he was talented enough that they would let him come and hang. He was still a kid and always mischievous and cutting up, until one of the older guys finally told him, “That’s okay, you got to have fun, but you’ve also got a responsibility, you know? You’re a musician.” He says, “What do you mean responsibility?” “Well, in the tradition of our people, a musician is like a doctor - a musician is a doctor. You’re supposed to make people feel better. You’re not doing it just because you want to be a star or be the center of attention. You’re doing it to give of yourself, your life force, and the sound that comes out of your horn. It’s from your body, your life energy goes through your music to heal people, and it takes them to another place.” Boy, that really struck a chord with me. It made me think of working with Ray Charles and Rahsaan and then later on people like Woody, McCoy and Dizzy. Music is about giving and about searching and so that is the spirit. Because without the spirit, music is just notes."

You leave little behind, but a musician leaves his music and can at least know that his work, his energy is preserved and can mean something well beyond him. That must be pretty cool to reflect on.

"....without the spirit, music is just notes." I believe that is what we search for in equipment that allows the music to communicate with us...the spirit and not just the notes. Cool thought.

I was there "At the Fest!" Hope you were too!

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