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TFM-42 Intermitten Issue




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TFM-42 Intermitten Issue

Hi Guys,
Had this re-furbed TFM-42 amp for several years and its always worked great BUT for the last year or two the LHS channel cuts out at least once per session. A mild "whack" on the side of the amp restores the signal but this is of course a huge annoyance. I've replaced the RCA interconnects several times so I know that's not the problem. Took the top off the amp a couple of times and poked around hoping to locate the source of this issue and make it manifest, but no luck. Is there a history of this issue with this amp and/or a process to use to try and determine the cause of this problem (cold solder joint, bad relay, bad RCA plug, or whatever)? Help! Thanks, Ed

add: been a while since I've posted here (also tried TheCarversite, but when I submitted my post I got a "serious" error message and lost my post and login session...), but as stated before, I'm more of a MUSIC guy than a music SYSTEM guy, so when my system(s) are working well, I'm happy just to enjoy the music...and that's been the case for the last several years!
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Re: TFM-42 Intermitten Issue

Have you checked the rca jacks? Those can break and cause that problem. I would try at low volume wiggling the input output jacks and see if it cuts out.
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Re: TFM-42 Intermitten Issue

Besides the input connections, this model (series of models, actually) is notorious for soldering problems at the plug-in connecting pins along the edge of the amp boards.

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