Post Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:03 pm

Carver M-1.5t repair

Hi all,

Well, I haven't been around for over 4 years on this forum, all my Carver stuff was in storage too. So I finally got room to setup my Carver / Magnepan system in the basement, and no go... C-1 works fine, M-1.5t not so much.

I installed new electrolytic capacitors in the M-1.5t 9 years ago, it worked great, then put it in storage about 3-4 months after (storage = sitting in the dry basement, unplugged). It has a 20A fuse it (max. allowed according to the manual). Anyway, plugged it in, transformer started to hum like crazy, lights dimmed (UPS on the projector came on, so the voltage on the line dropped really low), and 15A breaker in the house tripped. There was no other significant load on the breaker at that time, a few light bulbs at most. The power cord got super-warm too, so it was drawing crazy current.

Now the question is - has anybody experienced such thing? I realize the caps need reforming/charging, but blowing the breaker? There is nothing visually burned out inside, as far as I can see. Any suggestions, before I start digging through this amplifier? Oh yeah, I quickly popped in FB 8A fuse instead of 20A (don't have 10A or 15A), turned the amp on again, overload (top LED) lights came on, and fuse blew.

Thank you!