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Buzz from my Carver CT-17 Preamp

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2004 3:42 am
by division
I recently bought a Carver CT-17 off eBay and I'm having a problem with a high frequency buzz. I get a high frequency buzz coming through the PRE OUTS and the REMOTE PRE OUT regardless of what input I am using. It does not get amplified any louder if the volume is turned up. I have two different M-1.0t power amps, so I have ruled them out as suspects. I have also ruled out the cables as I have swapped out the cabling with shielded digital audio cable I have made myself. Is this some kind of grounding loop issue? I have also heard some bleedover from other inputs. Apparently this is a problem that the seller also experience with a different set of power amps, inputs, and speakers.

Does anybody know any Carver technicians in the LA area that can diagnose/service such a problem? Thanks.