Any one know who can fix a Carver M-2060 car amplifier?

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Post by Toy Maker » Wed Oct 08, 2003 5:12 pm

I would start off by calling Sunfire service dept.... they will either be able to fix it, or point you in the right direction.

If that doesn't work.... I know a guy here in town that fixed a Kmos-2200 for me a while ago... he can do it, if Sunfire can't help.

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Re: Any one know who can fix a Carver M-2060 car amplifier?

Post by danw2002 » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:32 pm

yes, i have built many of them up(also the M4120,M2120,M4060, and all the KMOS series....see my post in 'buy,sell,trade' section, under find car amps.... let me know, i love the M series amps and run them in my BMW's....i have all the shop manuals on them all....
sang1070 wrote:The reason for asking is that every time I connect the power cable to it (12V) the fuse pops. Seems like some internal problem, but I would really like to use it because I need the 120 watts of power and don't want to go spend money for a new one. Some one has got to support these old amps, they were so perfect for bi-amplification purposes, let alone could go neck to neck with any new amp out there. Please help or give a suggestion
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