Can't stop please help

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Re: Can't stop please help

Post by Toy Maker » Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:56 pm

Jag_97470 wrote:
Toy Maker wrote:Hell, you're just getting started !!!!

Holly Crap! if he is just getting started, I am in some Major trouble here! LOL!
I have a limited budget and I'm sure most members here have a considerable investment in their stereo components. I just started upgrading last year starting with the purchase of new speakers > Sunfire TGP-III, different cables I have tried and replaced > recent addition > Jolida JD100 > more cables! You kind of get lost in the confusion (OCCD). My wife mentioned the other day; Do you realize in the last 6 months you have spent over $3,000.00!!!! on stereo stuff!! WTF! What could I say? Can I really say to her, oh, I'm just getting started? LOL!! I need someone to blame! I have already blamed ToyMaker, but my future purchases I will have to blame TNRabbit the OCCD enabler! LOL! We must stick together in our time of need! OK, who has a spare room they can rent out to me? hahaha.
You can think of CarverFest as our own little "AA" meeting. (Audiophiles Anonymous)

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