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Sunfire 300x2 Amplifier

Post by TNRabbit » Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:08 am

Sunfire 300x2 Amplifier


(stock Sunfire photos)

This is a SERIOUSLY powerful amplifier! 300 watts into 8 ohms, 600 watts into 4 ohms, and 1200 watts into a 2 ohm load for limited periods of time. I don't think there is a speaker on the planet you couldn't drive with this amp all day long at near maximum output.

I've found all Sunfire amps to sound exactly the same; that is, CLEAN & CLEAR with absolutely no coloration & a fantasic soundstage. They are, in my opinion, Bob's best work thus far and the absolute best sound you can find for the money.

The my only complaint is that Sunfire used the red/black plastic binding posts instead of the gold used on it's big brother, the 600x2. They seriously detract from the otherwise solid build & look of this beast. I'm pretty certain you could use the gold binders from the Signature Series....perhaps a call to Sunfire is in order to see if they have any extras....!

For the main right & left channels, there are binding posts allowing you to choose between current or voltage (tube style sound) source outputs, a very useful feature if you want to bi-wire your Amazing loudspeakers woofer/ribbon or planar/electrostatic speakers, or experiment with sound options between the two.

The amp has balanced inputs as well as dual gold-plated unbalanced inputs. The dual unbalanced RCA inputs are a useful option for running multiple amplifiers and are used to bridge the amp (doubled output).

You could effectively fry practically most speakers in the free world running in bridged mode!

FYI: This amp was sold to a fellow forum member and was treated to major damage courtesy of UPS in the form of what looked like a fork lift stuck through the side of the unit. Despite this, it continued to function as normal! If that's not a testament to build quality & overall bulletproof design, I don't know what is....

From FrankieD's lips to your ears: Sunfire - a quiet box of endless power.

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