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Carver PM-175

Post by DJMARK » Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:49 pm

I promised that I would eventually write a review about the PM amps since very few people use them or know much about them. Ok here we go... \:D/

I was first introduced to carver amps by an old DJ that used a pair of really nice EV 3 ways (100dB speaker sensitivity) This to say in the least finalized my decision on becoming a DJ.... \:D/

Over the years I have collected (4) PM-175s and a few others.

These amps are very interesting because they integrate Carver's "Magnetic Field" concept which stands for its switching power supply that limits the amp's weight to a friendly 19 pounds. Still very light and revolutionary for today. The one thing that I love about this amp in particular is it's ability to seemingly not run of headroom. It is possible however lots of output. The really nice thing about the amp is that it seemingly never overheats. THe chasis simply warms up a little but the amp never shut off or died. I have run it hard on many summer days and nights without no problem. The amp makes about 150-175 watts clipping at 8 ohms a channel. Despite its lower output to many of the other systems here it is different with a "effecient speaker" (100dB +) I also found that the amp did not distort even into clipping. I have so far relied on this amp and it has delievered. I would suggest this amp or the Other "Carver" era PM amps to anyone that wants to add some true and real serious wattage to their setup. I even now some guys on that still run carver pro amps. 20 year old amps getting gigged on a constant basis. Brutal. So I suggest them to anyone and they sound absolutely wonderful. They are simple but are extremely nice sounding and soft clipping allows that little extra bit of headroom. If you have any questions please ask or if there is something I may have forgot to mention. I will write reviews for the other PM amps I have when I get a chance.

Here is the manual.... ... %20amp.pdf

Here is a picture ... 940345.jpg

Here are some more pictures... ... 195490.jpg ... 195485.jpg ... 195481.jpg

Fear the Carver PM amplifiers....


DJ Mark
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Carver PM-175 ( X 2)

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