For vinyl; C-19 or C4000?

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For vinyl; C-19 or C4000?

Post by LowWing19 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:05 am

In 2007 when Zeppelin did that one off show, Jimmy Pape was amazing, and i immediately realized that 16-bit CDs were a joke. So from then on it has been all vinyl. My CM1090 has been more than enough to handle anything that a CD can dish out, but it is limited with it's vinyl options as it is only equipped to handle moving magnet cartridges.

And just like the classic Fender amps for guitar players, i am a firm believer that the late '80s Bob Carver pre-amps/amps still produce the best sound. For music, nothing sounds better than a clean analog signal through 2-channels with Sonic Holography. His whole approach of proving to Stereofile that they could not tell the difference between one of his solid-state amps and any of the highly rated tube amps, and then turning around using his own tube amp as a reference for his entire line of solid state amps was the best approach i've seen yet in the HiFi industry.

So the CM1090 is probably going to get a long deserved rest, in favor of either a TFM-55 or a TFM-75 (and probably leaning more to the 75 for the dual-mono), and on the pre-amp side i'm either looking at the C-19 or the C-4000.

I bought my Carver equipment in 1990, and specifically remember the C-19 as the high end of the Carver pre-amps, but it didn't have the Sonic Holography. I don't remember the C-4000 at all, but it has the Holography as well as a number of other signature Carver features. As a tube pre-amp, if the C-19 had Holography it would be my obvious choice.

So did anyone ever get a chance to compare the C-19 to the C-4000, or have a good idea which of these pre-amps was Bob's high water mark?

I'd also consider the Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube pre-amp if anyone has any ideas on that one.

Also, does anyone know when the C-4000 came out?
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