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ALS Platinum Review by

Post by TNRabbit » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:40 pm

I found this interestging review posted on by "donald d"

For more reviews, go to: ... 94crx.aspx

Reviewed by:
donald d

Review Date
February 28, 2003

Overall Rating
5 of 5

Value Rating
5 of 5

Used product for
More than 1 year
Price Paid: $2200.00 from Hi-Fi Shop

Let me first say right up front when I purchased these speakers 13 years ago, they were one of the best buys in audio. Today, in my opinion, they still surpass anything in the under $12,000 range. I am perplexed when I read a post about how uneven the frequency response is. Many magazine reviews have documented with very sophisticated testing equipment the ruler flat frequency response of these speakers. I suggest whoever does not have a flat frequency response check upstream for any equipment or room acoustics issues. (The room can play havoc on speaker response without the proper sound treatment) My set up consists of powering these speakers with a Carver TFM 75 which delivers 750 watts of clean power. These are very hungry and need plenty of power to make them sing. The reproduction of the human voice by these speakers is uncanny. Check out the DVD James Taylor “Live at the Beacon Theatre” or Sara K on a Chesky CD. It doesn’t get much better unless you are willing to jump into the 5 figure range. Have I mentioned the sound of strings reproduced through this speakers? Pop in Yanni “Tribute” track 3 and look to the heavens at the sound of the solo violinist. They need lots of room to breathe to create the type of sound I am describing. My speaker placement consists of placing the far edge 5 ft. and the near edge 46 inches from the rear wall. I am also set in 42 inches from the side walls with a distance of 6 feet between the inside edge of the speakers. The ribbons are approx. 11 ft. apart and 13 ft. from my listening position. For separation purposes, I have the ribbons on the outside edge rather than on the inside edge. In my room, the flattest response is achieved with the bass control in the 3pm, mid-range in 3pm and high in 5 pm position. No need for a subwoofer here. Check out the Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” opening cut for gut wrenching bass. I had to re-caulk my glass transom over the entry door to stop it from rattling. The soundstage has to be heard to be believed. It paints the artists like on a canvas. Placement is exact and the ambience created by the dipole design is remarkable. These speakers never tend to shout the way a dynamic speaker will when played loudly. Therefore, it is very easy to get in the mid 95db range and not realize it. (Watch that hearing loss) No listener fatigue here. I find I always listen to Audio DVD’s in stereo because I have not found a center channel that reproduces the vocals as well as the Carvers. Can’t justify spending the same amount of money for just a center channel that I spent for the pair of Carvers. Because of the shear size of these “Barn Doors”, one must have a dedicated listening room. Otherwise, the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) becomes a serious issue. Fortunately, when we built our house years ago, a dedicated media room was a must. In closing, since these are no longer produced the only way to acquire this audio bargain of a lifetime is to search the used market. I cannot speak for the earlier renditions since my pair was the last series produced. (Platinum Amazing Mk IV) However, it is well worth the time and effort to pursue. Be forewarned-Need lots of power, plenty of space, room treatments, and if married, a dedicated listening room. Once this criteria is met, you will be in audiophile heaven for very little money. Don’t forget to re-caulk the transoms!!!

Presentation of sound stage, flat frequency response, very tight bass and lots of it, reproduction of human voice and strings, price to performance ratio

Barn Door Size, WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor), Discontinued, Very Power Hungry, Stabilizing Feet Sheer off Base very easily

Similar Products Used:
Auditioned before purchase B & W 801 Matrix 3’s, Apogee Diva, Duntech, Martin Logan, Infinity, Thiel, Vandersteen More recent auditions: Legacy Focus 20/20’s, B & W, Martin Logan

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Re: ALS Platinum Review by

Post by megasat16 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:06 pm

Thanks for posting, Mr. Wabbit!

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Re: ALS Platinum Review by

Post by Eddie » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:29 pm

Nice read Gary thanks!!!!
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Re: ALS Platinum Review by

Post by Don » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:54 pm

TN Rabbit,

I will have to take credit for that review years back. Still wouldn't change a thing. F1 turned me on to the threaded inserts on the forum a couple of days ago. Therefore, if I did an update, I would include that info where I mentioned the levelers sheer off. I wrote that long before I even knew this forum existed. O:)

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