Carver TX-9 Cassette Tuner

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Carver TX-9 Cassette Tuner

Post by Magnaryder » Mon May 26, 2008 10:46 pm

Associated equipment used in testing:

Carver TX-9 cassette/tuner
Carver SX 2/3 crossover with Deep Bass Retrieval and Sonic Holography
Carver M-2090i multi-impedence power amplifier
Carver M2080 power amplifier
Carver 2020 power amplifier
Carver Cathedral Digital Delay processor
Carver Windows Center channel processor
Sunfire 10 in subwoofer
Scoshe 500 watt amplifier installation kit
Scoshe Dodge wiring harness
Tsunami power distibution block
Tsunami gold plated positive battery terminal
el crapola ICs in 12ft, 6ft, and 18in lengths
4 Focal 5 1/4" mid-bass drivers
2 SEAS 1/2" soft-dome tweeters

At first blush the Carver TX-9 looks like any other cassette tuner of the day, but that's where the similarity ends. Carver was smarter (from a corporate point of view) that the other car deck designers of the day, the TX-9 has no internal amplification requiring the owner to buy an amp from you know who. The TX-9 has CD input, ACCD, separate bass, treble, balance and fader controls, and accelerated music search. An additional feature is it's diversity tuner(dual antennas)that uses your vehicles' rear window defroster as an additional antenna and selects the best signal of the pair.

Installation of the cassette/tuner went smoothly (for me :-)) once I located all of the parts I needed. The fit and finish are pretty good considering I put a 1 DIN chassis where a DIN and a half chassis has been for the last 10 years. FM reception is better that the stocker, pulling in more stations from further away with less noise than I'm used to getting.

Here's where the review gets dicey. I'm blown away by the dynamics and just how loud it can go during playback. Drums hit you right in the chest, like they should. Bass is deep and tight (it is a Sunfire sub afterall) but can be overwhelming and sound like a (c)rap box on wheels if you overdo it. Mids are smooth, but the highs shimmer a bit. I'd heard back in the day Carver car amps had a bit of a hard edge and alot of installer used 16ohm tweeter arrays to trim it a bit. I'd planed on installing the PE ribbons but the Durango leaves alot to be desired in the driver placement department. Every panel in this vehicle has a multitude of gear behind it making ribbon driver placement problematic at best, the soundfield suffers as a result.

In this application, these amplifiers get so loud, sound so clear, and don't compress the music. I played a movie soundtrack from my daughters' portable DVD player through it. I gotta tell you, it sounded great. 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', almost like being there. VERY KEWL!!

SH adds a bit of velvet to the midrange, I kinda like it. Deep Bass Retreival works well under certain circumstances. I was listening to local radio playing the Beach Boys 'Sloop John B', I was surprised how much deep bass was present on this Brian Wilson outing. White Snake/The Crue/VanHalen all rockedLOUD. 90.1 in Marion plays classical music, I listened to them for a bit today and it all sounded great. Tonal balance is pretty good. Strings and woodwinds had that little something missing from the stock head unit.

All and all I'd say it's worth the ebay $$ I spent last year getting all of this stuff.

Color me impressed

I might add a bit once I actually spend some time on the road with this set-up. I haven't left town with it yet.


Its going to be used equipment when I sell it, so it may as well be used equipment when I buy it.

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