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Hello and need help with recent purchase



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Post Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:20 pm

Re: Hello and need help with recent purchase

jjptkd wrote:Welcome to the forum! I beleive I just bought your M-4.0t off of eBay. Good luck with the receiver and thanks again for the chance at a great amplifier.

Yes, you did. I am selling all of this except the integrated amp- I have no room for these large speakers at my condo, and I don't spend enough time at my place in WI to bring them up and use them.

I am going to drop the integrated amp off at Deltronics on Halsted next time I am in Chi-Town to have them look at it. I opened the unit up and it was very clean inside. I disconnected and reconnected the Molex plugs thinking maybe they had corrosion. If the repair cost is reasonable, I'll be giving it to my 22 year old kid for his shop.

What I had on the boat
a TFM 45
a TFM 6
a CT17 -two output preamp
a SDA490t reference cd
a tdr 2400 dual cassette deck
Klipsch speakers in the salon with the 45
the bridge was connected to the 6, via a Carver infrared remote, connected to a few marine MBQuarts


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Post Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:25 am

Re: Hello and need help with recent purchase

You are reminding me of my younger years when my Carver system was worth about as much as my house.

In fact when I first started with Phase Linear 4000 and the Carver M-400 back in 1980 my rent was only $130 per month 8)

Anyway......what you have is one of the Carver ECS-U electronic speaker control systems.

Which is basically the sonic hologram generator and my "Sub-Bass Dampers" put together with the "Gundry Perspective"

It is to help you make your system with the ALS's to sound the way you prefer in the room you have this set up in.

Most of the time people that have a sound system like this have a room or enough room to do this instead of in an apartment or condo where they end up with headphones on anyway :lol:

Like I said I don't even use the sub-bass dampers and I use the C-9 SHG

The hologram generator was later added to this and preamps.

Here is a page about the ECS from Stereophile and I see guys talking about using it here too. http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53890




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