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Carver since 1984




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Post Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:13 am

Carver since 1984

I'm new here, but bought my Carver "The Receiver" MX130 in 1984 (which I just posted for sale). I mainly listened to FM because my brothers took all the vinyl after I moved and married. The best station was in Baltimore, about 120 miles away, so I researched (no internet!) for the most sensitive tuner I could buy in a receiver. I wasn't flush, and still in post-grad school, and $680 for a receiver in 1984 was quite an expense. But it did the job, and pulled in that rock station for years. I can't recall the call letters anymore, but it changed format. So, I added an SD/A-360 5-disc CD player. A woman who helped clean my house liked the system so much that she blew out my big Polks. Oh well.

My college-age son has convinced me to accept online music, so I am moving out the MX130 and replacing it with a Peachtree Nova, Sonos ZP90, and a used 32 gigabyte iPod Touch (4th gen), all wirelessly connected to our iMac with a terabyte of space. But I resist total immersion into internet and kept my SD/A-360. I was delighted to find the ol' SD/A-360 has an optical jack, which I can use with the new Peachtree! Very cool. I can listen to radio stations located anywhere on the planet via internet streaming, but I just cannot not totally give in to this internet witchcraft, so I picked up a Carver TX-8 tuner to slip between the SD/A-360 and the Peachtree. Pairs of PSB and KEF speakers round it out, and that'll be my set-up when all the pieces arrive. It will just be stereo audio. I am not going down the home theatre route.

A couple of questions, which perhaps should be posted elsewhere in the forum. I haven't explored, yet.

Where can I find a manual for the TX-8 tuner? pdf or photocopy is fine!
Is a remote the difference between the TX-8r and TX-8?
Is the TX-14 a substantial improvement over the TX-8?



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R.I.P. Friend
R.I.P. Friend

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Post Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:41 am

Re: Carver since 1984

Welcome, Fred! Love your trucks~

Can't answer your questions, but hopefully some one who can will be along soon…

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Re: Carver since 1984

=D> \:D/ =D> Welcome!! =D> \:D/ =D> I don't know much about the tuners, I currently have a TX-10, no remote, and have had a few TX-11a's in the past but I'm sure others here can help. I just picked up a Peachtree Decc-o and really enjoy it, the built in amp has no problem driving my huge Klipsch speakers and computer music has never sounded better in my setup. I stream the radio through my Squeezebox Duet and no longer use analog tuners as it seems I can never get a completely clear signal, especially when compared to the Squeezebox.
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Post Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:43 am

Re: Carver since 1984

Welcome to the forum.
Some cool Carver stuff!


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Re: Carver since 1984


Carver M4.0T in front channels to Caver AL VI's in SACD & 2 Channel setup
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