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fault light on m1.5t




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fault light on m1.5t

since I have been on here I have been using the equipment a lot more! something that happened today though that has me concerned . on my m1.5t the fault light (lower left) lights up within a second after tuning the ct-7 off. and the power lights stay on close to a minute, the lights dull out but not imediately. I have not noticed a drop in soundc(music) though.. please give idea's and or advice. ty, pat


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Re: fault light on m1.5t

Since this is an old post hope you got it fixed if not I can relay my recent experience in fixing a 1.5t that had failed. After replacing al the bad parts and all high power caps, I had irregular power down, power LEDs strobing with fault light. Turns out it was in the 12 volt supply. Bad low voltage electrolytic in the regulator circuit causing the supply to drop early during power off. If you haven't done it already download the service manual its priceless. Another simple check is to power off the unit disconnected from the pre-amp and see if it does the same thing. If it does the the problem is in the amp, if it doesn't the I would suspect the pre amp.
The +-12 volt supply is derived from the +-50 volt supply excessive ripple or uneven collapse on power down could signal high leakage in the dual caps.
I'm certainly no expert on the carver equipment just an engineer with a couple of carver amps.

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