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Just found us? Entering for the first time? Post your introductions here and say hi to all of the other Carver enthusiasts.
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Post by audioguy1 » Mon Dec 01, 2003 1:14 pm

I have a TEAC system that I am using the preamp outputs into four Carver M-400's. I have a TEAC AG-D9320 reciever that I have modified slightly, and I am using a TEAC tape deck, TEAC 5-disc cd changer, and a TEAC 5 disc dvd changer that I am planning on replacing with a JVC 7 disc DVD changer. I have an Acoustic Research center chanel speaker, Klipsch Quintet Micro's in the rear, and an old pair of JVC's that I added Radio Shack di-pole ribbon tweeters and slightly better crossovers to for the fronts. (the old JVC's are pretty crude but they sound real good and they still sound real good at high volume so I'm having a hard time finding replacement/upgrades for a reasonable price that are really an "upgrade". Anyone have a pair of AR-1's they want to sell me for a couple hundred bucks?!?!?!?) I also have a Barco Graphics projector I picked up on e-bay for $1500.00 that will get mounted around Easter(when I get the remote controlled screen installed in the ceiling) \:D/

I found a signal when the power is turned on and a signal when the unit goes into a surround mode. I cut the signal path of the rear speakers pre-amp outputs inside the reciever and ran the signals into the NO contacts of a micro relay (dpdt). I then tapped into the signal from the fronts and ran that into the NC contacts of the micro relay and ran the common terminals to the rear preamp outputs. I then took the surround signal and used it to turn the micro relay on so that when the reciever is in a surround mode the rear pre-amp outputs are outputting the rear signal but when the reciever is not in a surround mode then the rear pre-amp outputs are sending a copy of the fronts signal. That gives me 5.1 surround in surround mode and a full four speaker sereo in stereo mode without having to have another pair of speakers.

I then drilled a small hole in the back of the reciever and installed a 2.5mm stereo jack into the hole and ran the signals for power and surround (and ground) to the jack. I made a cord to go from the jack in the back of the reciever to the wall with a opto-isolator chip in line to prevent any noise from coming back into the reciever. In the wall is four 25amp solid state relays to turn on the m-400's which have their own circuit breakers in the panel wired directly to the relays then to four dedicated outlets each with thier own single outlet surge protectors. Three for the front and rears (two fronts are bridged mono and the rear is stereo) and one bridged mono for the center. That way when the reciever is turned on the front and rear amps come on automatically, then when a surround signal is selected, the center comes on automatically.

I am now in the process of using the TEAC reciever's main amp to power speakers in other rooms through two switch boxes (A & B speaker outputs) and a wireless remote control extender so I can control the reciever and cd player from other rooms.

So basically what I have is a state of the art Dolby Digital/DTS surround system with Carver power and clarity for about a quarter the price of a new Sunfire system.

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Post by sceri » Fri Dec 05, 2003 4:47 pm

Hello I am new here and just wanted to list what Carver equipment I have. I have owned Carver since the early early 80's and love the brand very much. This is my Audio only system. Well here it goes:

Carver C-9 Sonic Hologram Generator
Carver C-1 Pre-Amp
Carver M 1.0t (two of them)
Carver DPL-33 ProLogic Processor
Carver SDA-490t Vacuum Tube CD Player
Carver TDR-1550 Auto Reverse Tape Deck
Carver TX-11b Digital Tuner (IMO one of the best ever made)
Technics SL-6 Linear tracking Direct Drive Automatic Turntable (two of them)

All pieces are in mint condition and full working order w/remotes.
There are many more powerful systems out there, but in my mind this is a very clean and pure sounding system. I have no reason to upgrade, unless I could add more Carver/Sunfire equipment.
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My Audio System

Post by DougR » Thu Dec 11, 2003 4:35 pm

Hello to everyone,

I just joined the site and thought this would be the most logical place for my first post.
I have been a fan of Carver products for around 17 years now. How unfortunate that
Bob couldn't have kept the company in its original form, but then again Sunfire ain't so bad. ;)


CALS Platinum Mk IV’s, Bi-Amped (really late 1993 S/N possibly from the last production run)
CALS Silvers (very early models, S/N 13)
DIY Stryke Audio HE-15 sub
Sunfire TG II (pre/pro)
Sunfire 300 (powers the Platinum Ribbons)
Sunfire 300 (powers the Silvers)
Carver TFM-55X (powers the Platinum woofer banks)
Carver TFM-55X (bridged, powers a DIY center channel)
DIY Clearview Active Crossover clone (Terry Conrad’s circuit with modified low pass to give adjustable +/- 6dB bass boost)
Crown K2 (bridged, powers the Stryke Audio HE-15 sub)
Marantz SA8260 SACD player
Carver SD/A-360 CD player
AudioPro B2-70 subs (2ea.)

Current Project:
A center channel using a 30" ribbon from an original Amazing and a pair of Adire Audio AV8's

Carver Reveiver 2000 (moved out with my son to college)
Dahlquist M-907’s (same as above)
Carver CT-28V (in the closet)

M-400t CUBE
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Post by TroyD » Fri Jan 09, 2004 11:18 am

Currently, in my 2ch rig:

Carver ALS (original version)
AMC CD8B cd player
Carver C-16 preamp (I also have a CJ PV-7 I rotate)
(2) TFM-45's bridged mono

In my HT rig, I have (2) m400a's. One biamps the center, the other runs my mains. The speakers are Polk LSi9's and LSiC. The rears are Polk R10's. The rest is just run of the mill HT.

In my wife's rig, I use an m200t amp to power her Polk LSi7's. At some point, that will be replaced by a Carver 150 receiver, courtesy of a DASHING gent from Jersey.

I have also had, and recently sold, an m0.5t, m1.5t (my first Carver piece) and a C-1 preamp.

By the end of next week, I should be able to add a pair of Silver 9t amps to the list as well.


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Post by rxel » Sat Jan 10, 2004 11:40 am

My system is as follows:

1. Pair of Platinum’s in oak trim and bi-amped
2. Pair of Silver 9t’s going full range to the ribbons
3. Pair of Crown K2’s (bridged mono) one per side
4. ART 310 x-over (set at 100Hz cutoff) to the K2’s
5. Harmon Kardon 2.0 preamp/tuner
6. Pioneer Elite pd-54 cd player
7. Sony 200 disc carousel
8. Technics DCC recorder (don’t laugh at the time is was the only digital recorder I could afford, musically it was great and it has a very nice D/A converter on it)

My music is mostly centered around Classic rock like Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zepplin, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Rush and so on. I also love classical music, and I’m expanding my collection of that at the moment, if you have any favorite orchestral pieces you want to recommend, let me know.


Post by George » Sat Jan 10, 2004 7:31 pm


Gustav Holst - "The Planets"
Franz Liszt - "The Hungarian Rhapsodies"
Claude Debussy - Almost anything, but "Claire de Lune" can make you cry.
Aaron Copeland - Again, almost anything.
Richard Rogers - The entire "Victory at Sea" score.

There is SO MUCH fantastic classical stuff. The above are nothing more than some of my own personal favorites. Others will recommend different pieces, and well they should.

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18 Years of Carver

Post by Smitty » Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:07 pm

I am an ardent Carver Audio Nut. In the last 18 years I have had the privilege to own many Carver components. I basically started out with the C-1 Pre-amp and (YUK) a Kenwood amplifier. Needless to say the amp was sold immediately after I got it, and was replaced by two TFM-25 amplifiers. Over the years I have continued to upgrade only stopping once Bob Left Carver. My current configuration is as follows:

Carver C-16 Pre-amp
Carver TFM-35 Amplifier (2)
Carver TFM-15C Amplifier
Carver TFM-6C Amplifier
Carver AV-64 Amplifier

I put all the amps in mono block mode and use the TFM-35's to drive my Bose 10.2 Speakers, The TFM-15C for the NHT center speaker, the AV-64 (In Stereo) to drive POLK audio rear speakers, and the TFM-6C to drive a Paradigm passive 15" subwoofer.

I also have:

Carver TX-12 Stereo Tuner
Carver TDR-1550 Cassette Deck
Carver SDA-350 5 Disk CD Player

I also found the following components work extremely well in balancing out the system and adding compatibility/expandability for newer equipment

ADCOM Digital to Analog converter
Sony MD Player/Recorder
3 - ADCOM AC Power Enhancers
DBX 20/20 Graphic Equalizer
DBX Noise Reduction Unit
DBX 4BX Compressor/Expander
DBX 600G Route Selector
Sony SAC/CD/DVD Player
Sony Digital Surround Processor
Audio Source Sound Restoration Unit (For Records old Analog Ect.
2 - Sony Super VHS Units

All this equipment is in perfect condition and working together to make one awesome system, But the Carver units are the heart and soul of the system. Some of my equipment dates back to 1987 and still rocks the house. I found running anything fiber optic capable through the ADCOM D/A unit allows all my newer equipment to work with the king of analog. My only regret is not finding a C-19 Amp and a set of Silver 7-t amps. There is no better add on equipment to Carver than DBX, they go together like "Two peas in a pod" in my opinion.


"Analog still sounds more realistic than digital"

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Post by govcon » Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:27 am

Here's my system:

VPI HW19Jr with Mk III platter upgrade, Audioquest PT9 arm, and Sumiko Blue Point cartridge.

Classe CDP .3 CD player.

Bryston BP25 with MM phono stage.

Onkyo TA2600 3 head tape deck.

Sony PCM-M1 Portable DAT player/recorder with multi I/O module.

Meridian 568.2MM processor.

2 Carver TFM25s.

B&W Nautilus 804s with Sound Anchor Tall stands, biamped with TFM25s.

Monster HTS3500 power center.

Cardas Crosslink cabling (both balanced and unbalanced) interconnects and speaker cables.

Monster M1000 MKIV interconnects and M1 MKII speaker cables.

B&W Nautilus HTM1 center channel speaker.

B&W Nautilus 805s for rear surrounds.

Velodyne HGS12II subwoofer.

Velodyne HGS15II subwoofer.

Sony DSP330 DVD player.

To be added soon into system:

2 Sunfire Stereo Amplifier Series IIs to have fully balanced front mains.
Pioneer Elite Plasma screen.
Pioneer DV47 or Meridian 598 DVD player.
Bryston 10B active crossover.

Retired or to be used in another system:

Adcom GFP555II preamp (retired.)
Carver CT17 preamp/tuner to be used in multizone whole house music system.
Audio Alchemy DTI/XDP combo with Powerstation II upgrade (retired.)
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Post by ferndog » Tue Jan 27, 2004 12:13 pm


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Here is my little setup

Post by BetaMax » Tue Jan 27, 2004 10:24 pm

Sony DA555ES receiver
Sony DVP-S530D DVD Player
Sony DVP-S7000 DVD Player
Samsung DVD-HD931 DVD Player
Carver AL-III Front Speakers
B&W DM-600 IFS Center Speaker
B&W DM-600 IFS Rear Speakers
Adcom GFA-545II (Powers the B&W DM-600 IFS Rear Speakers)
Carver TFM-45 (Powers the AL-III)
Denon POA-800 (Powers the B&W DM-600 IFS Center Speaker, Monaural Mode)
Sony KP-46WT510 HDTV
Monster Power HTS 5000 MKII

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Nice Rack!

Post by ferndog » Wed Jan 28, 2004 12:05 pm


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Post by Ron Carter » Wed Mar 24, 2004 9:57 am

I don't know how to attach pics but this is what my carver inventory consists of:

One (1) C4000 pre-amp
One (1) TX-11 tuner
One (1) PM 1.5 power amp
Four (4) M500t power amps
One (1) pair of Carver Amazings (Platinums)-Black lacquer
One (1) pair of Carver Amazings (Platinums)-Oak

I will post pics as soon as I find out how to do it.


Post by George » Wed Mar 24, 2004 6:00 pm

Looks like DJ Ron C. made it aboard. Hi Ron. (T. Almond from Karma)

Man's crazy enough to have four Plat Amazings in one room. And from Jersey to boot.

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Post by Ron Carter » Wed Mar 24, 2004 8:58 pm

Hey T.A.

I thought that was you. I've been lurking around the board for a few months now. Just decided to jump in the pool. Can never have enough Jersey guys in the house.


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Post by DaveS » Thu Mar 25, 2004 9:08 am

A couple of years back a guy sold his surroundsound speakers on E-bay. Five Patinum speakers, the fifth one had been put in a piece of plywood and lain horizontal as the center channel subs and all. OOO, he was from New Jersey too.

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