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Newbie, Needing Suggestions




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Post Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:50 pm

Newbie, Needing Suggestions

Hello everyone. I am so pleased I came across this sight from a google search. javascript:emoticon('=P~')
Drool I have owned an HR-895 Pro-Logic receiver since 1993. It has served me extremely well. The upgrade bug hit recently so I purchased a Phase Technology Teatro Series speaker system for Music/HT use. I also picked up a Monster HTS5100 line conditioner, an Integra DVD changer and misc. Kimber Kables.
For the past several weeks I have been auditioning HT receivers around the $1500 price point, give or take a few hundred bucks, such as Denon 3805, Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi, Rotel RSX-1056, NAD T763, Arcam AVR250 and on and on. To my dismay, I do not think any of them sound as good in stereo playback than my Carver. Which places me in a conumdrum of sorts. I will not pay $1500+ for something that doesn't sound as good as my 12 y.o. Pro-Logic receiver!
So for the first time ever, I am considering separates. However, this isn't feasible without going to the used market due to my budgetary constraints. I am watching several Carver amps on ebay currently and wondering a few things:

1. What would you recommend for a mid-quality preamp in the $1500-$2000?
2. Does Carver have any 3+ channel amps?

My thoughts were to buy a couple of Carver amps to supply the sound I'm used to from my HR-895 but all I am finding are stereo only, which places me one channel short for 5.1. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Now apparent, I am not well versed with Carver, my receiver is all I know.


My thoughts were to =P~ =P~


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Post Wed Mar 16, 2005 10:55 pm

Well, there are many preamps in that price range but if you want to stay in the Carver family, you should go for the Sunfire Theater Grand. I actually have a Sunfire Theater Grand III in pristine condition with manual/original box that I'd be interested in selling if the offer is right. PM me if you are interested in that model.

As far as amps are concerned, there were several multi-channel Carver amps. One three-channel that comes to mind is the A-753X. Here's one selling on eBay:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 19507&rd=1

Carver also made a few five channel amps, and Sunfire has made both 5 and 7 channel amps. I just bought a Sunfire Stereo Signature Series II amp to drive my AL- Silvers and can't say enough good things about it. Check out sunfire.com to see all the offerings they have made through the years.

You may also want to consider a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver. They are supposed to be fabulous, and the Bob Carver designed C-1000A is supposed to be up there too for a very reasonable price. But if you want to go separates, I recommend getting a Theater Grand and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Standard or Signature. You'll get the same level of quality and design you are used to, and you won't lose your precious Sonic Holography, either. Good Luck.



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Post Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:57 pm

Division, thank you for your response. Here's an update: I have purchased a couple of Carver amps via ebay. I now have the AV-705x (125 x 5) amp and a TFM-24(225 x02). Right now I am trying to settle disputes with the sellers of these items as they were not as described. :x

The 705x seems to work fine, but the gain/level switche is missing on channel 5 section. The TFM-24 didn't power up at all and was fairly banged up. Upon further inspection, it appears it doesn't have a fuse on the back. Maybe this is the cause for it not powering up??

I most likely will file a claim to get my money back from the TFM-24 seller. I hope the seller of 705x will compensate me for the switch repair. I need to place a call to Carver and research costs, etc...

About the preamps, I am afraid that the newer TGs are out of my budget range and I would rather not spend $1500-$2500 on outdated processing. I appreciate your offer, but I already know your TGIII is beyond me. I am now actually considering the just announced Outlaw 990 pre/pro or Sherwood/Newcastle P-965.

Thanks again for your help and advice.



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Post Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:45 pm

If you get your dispute settled regarding TFM-24, you may want to PM me about a BRAND NEW (completely unused) 250wpc x 2 TFM-35 that I have.

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